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Over 100 Custom Jackets Sold!! We are NORTH

Over 100 Custom Jackets Sold!! We are NORTH
Since the first day the idea popped into my head i have been on a journey, one that has seen such a great response and also one that has given such a humbling feeling from the very first time we sold our first custom jacket.
The NORTH brand was started from a love of old vintage sportswear which boasts BIG prints and BIG logos, and we wanted to convey this onto our street wear range, it wasnt until several months later from starting the brand that i fell in love with the idea of custom clothing, and more to the point, handmade clothing, with the day and age we live in there is no greater feeling than knowing exactly where your clothes have been produced and also to own something which you wont likely see anyone else wearing, i remember the feeling of buying a new t shirt for a night out and then to see 3 other people wearing the same shirt in the club, its so frustrating, and in 2017, fashion is one of the most popular ways to express individuality.
I have always loved the idea of one-off or limited release clothing, something which SUPREME have built such a huge movement around, if you can buy it anywhere, whats the point? and that is something which has always been a huge driving force behind not only our custom clothing, but also our vintage clothing store as well.
Denim has always been 90 percent of what we do with our custom clothing, it is such a versatile item, and for decades people have customised and made their own stamp on their jeans and jackets, from bikers, to punk rockers it has been a way to make a statement for as long as the items have been in circulation.
Creativity and inspiration for me has been something which just happens, an idea just hits me at any given moment and i will set out right then and there to make it work, sometimes ideas fail, and you then have to go back to the drawing board and re think, its important to accept and embrace your failed moments to really appreciate your achievements.
The first custom jacket was created in late 2016, a black denim jacket featuring a custom HELLO KITTY panel using an old piece of fabric, i love the old cartoons and old style prints, which feature such bright and vibrant colours, they create such an amazing statement, especially filling an entire back of a denim jacket, another major thing for us was sustainability, 99% of what we use to create our custom clothing is vintage and pre used fabrics and garments, this is so important for us, to re create clothing from items which otherwise would have been discarded, not only sustainability, but also for quality, vintage denim and fabrics were made so much better years ago than modern day products are, and vintage denim jackets from the likes of Levis and wrangler were built to last, along with levis iconic 501's, which we now use to create our custom jeans with.



(first jacket made)

The main reason for this blog post was not only to talk about what we are trying to do as a brand and the ideas and inspiration behind it, but also to celebrate an achievement, at the time of posting this entry we have made and sold over 100 custom jackets worldwide! not to mention creating custom clothing for the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2017, but also we have been so lucky to collaborate and have our items featured by bloggers and Youtuber's, the most recent is a collab with USA based photographer Bonnie Nichoalds, she is a phenomenal photographer and she shot some of our custom pieces whilst working in LA, also recently creating two denim jackets for London based musician Fredrick Long, he approached us and wanted to feature two of our jackets in his new music video dropping early May.


We are absolutely over the moon with the kind words and messages we receive through Instagram on a regular basis, and we are so excited to keep bringing you dope stuff! 
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