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NORTH How To Style Vintage Formal Shirts With Street Wear / Unisex Style Tips

NORTH How To Style Vintage Formal Shirts With Street Wear / Unisex Style Tips
The classic button shirt is a timeless piece of fashion which can make a great statement, but when it comes to those plain office style shirts what can you do to work it in with some of your street wear pieces?
We get some great mixes of vintage shirts for our boutique on ASOS, including some great old school over sized Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger gems, but sometimes these great classic pieces lose their appeal being worn just as a block colour shirt and if they are not styled correctly you can look like you are dressing badly for a job interview.
Layering is a great way to make any outfit, and the shirt is one of the easiest pieces to work with, layer these pieces with a great statement tee, festival season is upon us and investing in graphic tees is a must, in our NORTH custom collection we are creating some great custom embroidered tees which pop with font, these are ideal for layering and can turn a boring shirt into an outfit maker!
Ditch the long sleeves and roll them up to enhance the casual look, also we recommend buying a size bigger with vintage shirts so that when you layer them up you can still retain the baggy casual look, ripped distressed jeans are always a risky talking point item so don't be afraid to switch it up, accessorize too, add a baseball cap, beanie or a bag, just remember to color contrast!
Hit up our ASOS boutique by hitting this link and shop our vintage branded shirts, also don't forget to check out our custom pieces on here including our embroidered font tees and denim jackets!


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  • Sarah: April 22, 2018

    Great look. A hoodie would be good too with the shirt like this
    What do you think?

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