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NORTH Loves Sian Lilly!!

NORTH Loves Sian Lilly!!

We have been so overwhelmed with all the nice messages and customer feedback we receive daily, and its so reassuring to us as a custom brand that we are doing the right thing, but nothing is reassurance enough than when you get to collaborate with amazing people who love what you do and want to shout about it online, especially on Youtube!

Let me first just say, Sian Lilly is just a gem, she vlogs, she models, and is an out and out fashion babe, she has amassed over 110K subscribers to her youtube channel and models for some big names including Urban Outfitters!

Now i know what everyone who reads this will think, "yeh, she's going to love your stuff because you have sent her it to blog about" NOPE!!!!! Sian first purchased a custom jacket from us and at that point we had never spoken to her regarding doing any videos or promotion for us! this for us is a huge thing, when someone wants to buy your clothing, especially a blogger, because don't get me wrong, we are all for working with influencial bloggers and sending them clothing for free to blog about and to drive awareness to the brand, and the concept does work, but with Sian it was a different story, she loves our brand and what we are about, and had purchased the jacket because she loves it and wanted to own it!

Her latest video dropped yesterday and it features 3 of our custom items, 2 hoodies and a denim jacket!

Please check out Sian's Youtube channel and Instagram below

Thanks Sian and to everyone who supports us!

Loves X




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