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This Collection Will Tear Your Soul Apart SS18 Supreme/Hellraiser! Why you need to cop!!

This Collection Will Tear Your Soul Apart SS18 Supreme/Hellraiser! Why you need to cop!!

Don't worry, it won't really tear your soul apart, but this collection is a long time coming for horror fanatics everywhere. ( BTW if you ain't seen the film you won't even know that means)

Well its not like i need to give die hard supreme fans any incentive to go out and shop this latest collab from Supreme, but for everyone else on the fence about this let me tell you why this is such an epic moment, especially for someone like me who does not own one piece of Supreme.

Any true horror film fanatic born in the 70s-80s era will know about the film Hellraiser, and if you don't then why not?

Hellraiser is a 1987 Horror film written and directed by Clive Barker which later went on to spawn 8 sequels, the latter few films are not worth talking about and are a let down to the franchise, but the focus on this collab is the character Pinhead from promo artwork for Hellraiser 3 Hell On Earth

This film is scary, like shit scary, i could not watch this when i was a kid, stuff gave me nightmares, especially the main character Pinhead played by Doug Bradley who is printed on all of the collection, but as i grew up i realized this was one of the last great films from an era of underrated horror films and i fell in love.

One of the great reasons this drop is so cool is that as a vintage collector and seller i have tried so hard to come across OG Hellraiser merch and it is impossible to find, you can easily cop repro printed tees on eBay but the last thing i want is a cheap quality tee, and this is why Supreme have completely nailed this.

I love that brands like Supreme connect with people by using music and film culture and i was shocked when i saw this latest collection because Hellraiser is almost like a forgotten gem that never gets seen anymore, i never see this movie repeated on the movie channels and i hope that this will make people aware and will bring the films back into the spotlight, i think a Tarantino collab should be on the cards? Pulp Fiction maybe?

My favorite pieces from the collection are below, these are the most vintage styled items and really do have a look and fit from the era in which the film hails.

If you have been on another planet and have never seen this film then get online and see it now! Then cop the drop on April 26th 11AM GMT online and in store.



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