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One thing we have wanted to do since starting the brand is explain what inspires us and the influences which spark the designs we create.

NORTH clothing was created from a love for vintage and retro clothing, in the 90s all the designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Ralph Lauren all sported the big logos and big fonts on their clothing, but in the early 00's the trend wore off and most of the designers moved away from such designs, but over the past few years street wear lovers have fell back in love with the nostalgic 90s fashion trends and the street wear love was reborn.

Since starting our brand the basis has been to create simple but wearable streetwear fashion and we even styled our brand logo on the flag logos of the 90's era, we live for big prints and big logos but to keep them unisex and fresh is a must.

One of our latest designs dropped in the office today hot off the printing press, the new WEAR IT NORTH spell out black tee resonates the early 00's French Connection FCUK (pun intended) line of clothes, this was a huge controversial design at that time and has since become the brands most iconic range to date.

Keeping to that theme we have create a fresh simple classic tee in a neutral colour with a small light font.

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